Miss Seafair

65th Annual Miss Seafair Jasmine Goodwin

Jasmine Goodwin is a graduate of Washington State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Jasmine plans to work toward an MA in Strategic Communication and is currently completing a Professional Writing Certification to prepare for graduate school at her alma mater.

During her time as an undergraduate at Washington State University, she traveled to Havana, Cuba for a study abroad program where she experienced firsthand the value of education. She witnessed young Cuban men and women learning trades so they could restore the architectural beauty of Havana, prior to its economic collapse.

She also spent the last year working with AmeriCorps as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity where she helps low-income families. She supports the organization's communication efforts as the Community Engagement and Marketing Coordinator. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys cooking.

Miss Seafair Jasmine Goodwin will make more than 100 appearances over the course of the coming year.

Seafair Queen & Miss Seafair History

1950: Barbara Curtis
1951: Shirley Flowers
1952: Iris Adams
1953: Shirley Givins
1954: Carol Chirstensen
1955: Beverly Kaye Smith
1956: Dixie Jo Thompson
1957: Sandra Teslow
1958: Judy Paulson
1959: Diane Gray
1960: Mary Jo (Midge) Erickson
1961: Linda Juel
1962: Gail Reid
1963: Arlene Hinderlie
1964: Geraldine LePenske
1965: Pamela Bryant
1966: Erika Hokanson
1967: Linda Andrews
1968: Karen Brown
1969: Cyntha Turbak
1970: Rebecca (Becky) Pozzi
1971: (Callie) Lynn Garcia
*Changed to Miss Seafair in 1972
1972: Kathy Beck
1973: Jacalyn Dean
1974: Galen Marie Motin
1975: Karla Louise Graue
1976: Susan Ishimitsu
1977: Cynthia Janet Edwards
1978: Marisol Borromeo
1979: Keri Truscan
1980: Brigitte Grossrieder-Tennis
1981: Janice Bowman
1982: Deirdre Yen
1983: Susan St. John
1984: Sharon Dean
1985: Melissa Sue Spencer
1986: Julie Warrick
1987: Jennifer Jett
1988: Amy Smith
1989: Jill Nishi
1990: Alexandra Quade
1991: Sherene Chan
1992: Alison Grande
1993: Kamrin Nelson
1994: Sapna Jain
1995: Sungeeta Jain
1996: Anjulie Ganti
1997: Anne Slaugh
1998: Taryn Uyeda
1999: Breann Parriott
2000: Caroline Phan
2001: April Wilson
2002: Tina Marie Mares
2003: Holly De Lisle
2004: Jackie Mendez
2005: Melissa Parks
2006: Erin Waid
2007: Emily Suen
2008: Kristen Tateishi
2009: Jacqueline Saarenas
2010: Kisara Nishimoto
2011: Veronica Quintero
2012: Veronica Asence
2013: Emily Rio Barber

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